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Y’ALL release on Cloud9 and brand new mixtape!

Right now, we have signed the track ‘Y’ALL’ at Cloud9! To celebrate this one, we made u a brand new mixtape. It’s called ‘Monkey Madness’.

Please take a note on our scedule for the next period. It’s gonna be massive!

But for now: the track release on iTunes, Beatport and Spotify and the mixtape release on Soundcloud.



We did a remix for Rico South and we are VERY happy with the result. Finally free to download. What do you think?

CLICK: Soundcloud / Download  

CLICK: Youtube link

Rico South - Amor de Lejos (KUDDEDIEREN remix) (EN)

Born at the Big Bang, raised by humanity and maintained trough the centuries, here are the Kuddedieren (aka the Sheople)!

This time, KUDDEDIEREN did a remix for Rico South’s ‘Amor de Lejos’. Real summer vibes!

Rico South - Amor de Lejos (KUDDEDIEREN remix) (NL)
Met de oerknal geboren, groot gebracht door de mensheid en in stand gehouden door de eeuwen heen. Dit zijn de KUDDEDIEREN!

Nu komen KUDDEDIEREN met een remix van Rico South zijn ‘Amor de Lejos. In één woord: ZOMER!


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